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Root canal treatment is an integral endodontic procedure performed by thousands of doctors every year. At Charlotte Root Canal Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, Ramesh K. Sunar, DMD, provides comprehensive root canal treatment to children and adults to permanently eliminate damaged pulp and restore your smile. Call or go online today to book an appointment with Dr. Sunar.

Root Canal Q & A

What is root canal?

The term root canal can mean one of two things. The most commonly known use is the dental treatment, and the second meaning is actually a technical term referring to the most inner part of your tooth that stores soft tissue.

The soft tissue in the inner tooth contains many blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for sensitivity to hot and cold once the adult tooth has matured. If this nerve is impacted, you run the risk of experiencing swelling, infections, or severe toothaches.

If this occurs, Dr. Sunar recommends root canal treatment, the lead endodontic procedure. During this procedure, Dr. Sunar eliminates infection and pain by getting rid of damaged pulp and covering the treatment area with a crown and filling material.

Root canal treatment is safe and painless.

What are the of causes root canal pain?

Root canal pain can come about for many different reasons. At Charlotte Root Canal Center, Dr. Sunar has expertise treating root canal pain caused by:  

  • Decay: spreads from inside the tooth to the outer layer
  • Damage: chipped or cracked tooth
  • Disease: infections can lead to severe root canal pain

In each of these cases, Dr. Sunar recommends the best treatment to eliminate discomfort. In most cases, root canal treatment is the preferred course of action.

When should you get a root canal treatment?

Tooth pain is not always an indicator of a troubled root. Dr. Sunar evaluates each case individually and generally recommends this treatment if you experience:

  • Extreme pain while eating
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Bumps on the gum
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold

It’s best if you address these issues quickly, rather than let them get worse, as these symptoms might be related to severe nerve damage.

What are the benefits of root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment not only gets rid of any decay in your tooth, but it also replaces the top part of your tooth with a permanent crown.

The dental crown restores your ability to chew and your smile by seamlessly blending in with your natural teeth.

What shouldn’t you eat after a root canal?

Dr. Sunar recommends that you avoid the following foods and beverages immediately after root canal treatment:

  • Alcohol
  • Hot and spicy foods
  • Hard foods
  • Crunchy foods like apples and carrots
  • Chewy and sticky food like candy or gum

The more careful you are about what you eat and drink after root canal treatment, the better your crown will heal and blend in.

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