Don't Ignore Your Tooth Pain
By Charlotte Root Canal Center
April 05, 2018
Category: Oral Health

How a root canal from your endodontist in Charlotte, NC, can save your smiletooth pain

Do you have a toothache? You may be tempted to try and forget about it, hoping it goes away. That’s not a good idea, because if it's tooth decay, it will get worse and you may eventually need a root canal or even a tooth extraction. Dr. Ramesh K. Sunar at Charlotte Root Canal Center in Charlotte, NC, wants to share why you shouldn’t ignore your tooth pain.

Tooth pain can be caused from a wide variety of issues. Accidents and injuries can traumatize your tooth, breaking off tooth structure and bruising the inner chamber of your tooth, called the pulp. The pulp is where the blood supply and nerves are located. 

Tooth decay is another cause of tooth pain. If decay penetrates through the enamel and into the dentin layer underneath, you may have tooth pain. If the decay goes untreated and penetrates into the pulp, you probably need a root canal. If the tooth damage is too severe, you may be looking at a tooth extraction. The important take-away is, it can be painful, expensive, and dangerous to ignore your tooth pain!

If you have tried to ignore your tooth pain, you may start experiencing some of these signs and symptoms:

  • Increased dental pain when you eat or drink hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Increased pain when you bite down or chew
  • Continuous aching and throbbing pain throughout the day and night
  • Tooth pain so severe you can’t sleep

You may also notice changes in your gums around the tooth root. You may see a red or white bump on your gums near the tooth root along with bleeding, drainage or pus coming from the bump. These are all indications of a dental abscess and that you need a root canal. If you avoid root canal therapy, there is a chance of acquiring dangerous facial cellulitis or a sinus, brain, or heart infection.

Instead of ignoring your tooth pain, get some help by calling Dr. Ramesh K. Sunar at Charlotte Root Canal Center in Charlotte, NC. You deserve to enjoy a lifetime of pain-free smiles so call today!